FitFlop Sneakers

The new FitFlop Supertone Sneakers are a great addition to FitFlop’s already extensive range.

They look great and are ideal for use when it’s just a little too cool for sandals but not quite cold enough to get your FitFlop winter superboots yet.

The uppers are made from soft, supple leather with perforations and the sole is rubber. It’s exactly the same “microwobbleboard” sole that can help to trim and tone your lower body whilst you walk – but it’s been cleverly disguised. You would hardly notice that this was a toning shoe – they just look fantastic.

They come in four different colors – as shown on the right. From top to bottom we have pewter, white, blaze red and tuxe black. Just click on whatever one you like best and you’ll see the latest sizing guide, pricing and availability at

These are currently available with free overnight shipping from Endless. Prices are generally good and, remarkably, they seem to vary with color – probably depending upon the demand at any given time.

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In addition to looking great, you will find that these sneakers are a great fit and extremely comfortable to walk in. Ideal if you’re on your feet all day. If you intend to wear them with thick socks, then you might just want to go for the next size up.

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