Are FitFlops Comfortable To Wear?

If you check out reviews of FitFlops then you will, quite understandably, come across a lot of articles that will go into quite some detail about the toning effects of these shoes. It’s hardly surprising. After all, a free walking workout that helps to tone your legs and trim your behind just by wearing a different pair of shoes as you go about your normal daily business is something of a big deal.

fitflop shoes pressure map

However, if you actually talk to someone who wears FitFlops then that may not be the first thing that they mention. It’s amazing how often FitFlop wearers will make a point of telling anyone who engages them in conversation on the subject of their shoes about what a great fit their FitFlops are and how amazingly comfortable they are to walk in. They will quite often go on to tell you that, mainly due to the comfort factor, they own more than one pair of FitFlops.

It all comes back to the special “microwobbleboard” sole again. As well as working its toning magic, the construction of the sole, and the materials used in it, helps to make FitFlops very comfortable to walk in. Of course, it’s hard to define just why one pair of shoes is more comfortable than another – it’s a very personal thing and opinions will vary from individual to individual. However, the “pressure map” above might help to explain just why FitFlop wearers enjoy walking in them so much (without getting too scientific).

Studies at the UK’s Salford University found that the contact area between the sole of the foot  and the sole of the shoe was increased when wearing FitFlops when compared to a standard every day shoe. You can see that above. The standard shoe is on the left and the FitFlops shoe is on the right. It’s clear that the contact area with FitFlops is greater, especially in the area of the arch of the foot.

What this does is to spread the weight of the wearer’s body more evenly across the sole of the foot which reduces the average pressure exerted. You can see that the standard shoe has more areas of high pressure, shown in red, than the FitFlops shoe. And that’s why FitFlops are so comfortable to wear and to walk in.

Of course, if you have a pair of FitFlops then you’ll know that already. They are proving to be very popular with people who spend a lot of their time on their feet at work. In fact, the latest addition to the FitFlops Clogs range, the FitFlops Gogh Pro is specifically targeted at hospital workers and other shift workers who want long lasting comfort throughout the course of their working day. These have just been released in the UK but, based on previous experience, should make it to the USA soon (we hope).

So, in summary, FitFlops are amazingly comfortable to wear. That’s why people rave about the comfort and seem to almost view the toning effect as a (very nice) bonus. It’s also why you might just find it difficult to stop at just one pair of FitFlops. And why should you?

If all the science was too much for you, then check out what some satisfied FitFlop wearers have to say regarding the comfort of these shoes in the video below:

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