What Are FitFlops And What Can They Do For You?

What Are FitFlops?

If you haven’t already heard of FitFlops, they are a range of boots, sandals, clogs, sneakers and slippers which incorporate a specially designed sole to tone and trim the muscles in your lower body as you walk around as normal during the course of your daily routine. The special sole uses what FitFlop refers to as “microwobbleboard” technology to generate a small element of instability when you walk whilst wearing your FitFlops.

Your lower body muscles – the legs and bottom – attempt to re-establish the body’s natural equilibrium. As a consequence of this, they do a little additional work as you walk.

What Can FitFlops Do For You?

In all probability, you won’t notice any difference in the effort due to the extra work generated by the imbalance. However, you will be benefiting from a free lower body workout with every single step that you take throughout the day. Wear your FitFlops during the course of your normal daily routine and you will be able to make every single step count in your favor.

One of the big advantages of FitFlops is that, unlike many other toning shoe brands, they don’t look anything like fitness footwear. They come in a wide selection of colors and styles which means that they can be worn in a variety of social occasions where normal exercise shoes might look out of place. Many of the FitFlops styles available are chic and fashionable. Check out these colorful, funky clogs:

FitFlops Happy Gogh ClogsThey are also available in Cherry Berry, Splash Blue, Very Plum and, if you’re feeling just a little more conservative, Patent Black.

The new sneakers are pretty cool as well. These were just released in Autumn of 2010 and they come in red, white, pewter and black. Additional new styles and colors were released towards the end of 2011 and some of these are downright funky.

FitFLop Super Sneaker PewterIt’s also worth noting that the toning sole is barely noticeable – unlike many of the thick, chunky, rocker-bottom type of toning shoes. Nobody will have the slightest idea that you were wearing toning shoes. FitFlops sneakers also come in men’s styles – albeit in a somewhat more subdued color range.

It’s probably true to say that FitFlops are best known for their sandals. However, in the colder months of the year, sandals may not be the ideal footwear choice. So it’s good that winter boots – and a wide variety of them – have been added to the range. They have the exact same toning sole as the rest of the range – but with a good, rugged grip so that you will keep on a firm ¬†footing in the cold and the wet.

The latest releases for Autumn/Winter 2012 include the FitFlop Crush boot – which looks set to be very popular this season.

FitFlop Winter Boots

Last – but very definitely not least – the extensive range of FitFlops sandals. There are far too many to show here (click on the link to see them all) – but you have plenty to choose from, so their should be something to suit your taste. They are very colorful and bright and, because some people dislike the thong, or toe-post, type of sandal, there are options available with a “strap” or bridge piece across the foot.

FitFlop Electra SandalsFitFlop Roma SandalsThere is also a small, but growing, range of FitFlop for men available.

Skechers Women’s Reggae-Ziggy Thong Sandal

Skechers Sunfest Womens Sandals

Skechers Women’s Modiste Waverly Wedge Sandal

Skechers Women’s Beach Read Thong Sandal

Skechers Women’s On The Go Escape Flip Flop,Black/Hot Pink,9 M US

Skechers Women’s On The Go Guru Flip Flop,Black/Grey,7 M US

Skechers Cali Women’s Works-Kiss And Run Thong Sandal,Black,9 M US

Skechers Women’s On The Go Travel Flip Flop,Black,7 M US

Skechers Men’s Tantric-Fray Flip-Flop,Black,11 M US

Skechers Men’s Presto Flip Flop,Black,9 M US

SKECHERS Women’s Wave Rider (White/Blue Trim 7.0 M)

Skechers Women’s Works-Sea Breeze Thong Sandal,Orange,7 M US

Skechers Women’s Beach Read Thong Sandal,White,8 M US

Skechers Women’s Upgrades Caption Thong Sandal,Navy/Light Blue,8 M US

Skechers Women’s Tone Ups-Upgrades Thong Sandal,Black,7 M US

Women’s Skechers On-the-GO Escape Sandals

Skechers Women’s Rumblers-Malibu Wedge Sandal,Black,6 M US

Skechers Women’s Tone-Ups-Countdown Thong Sandal,Black,8 M US

Skechers Women’s Upgrades Traditions Thong Sandal,Black,7 M US

Skechers Beaching It Womens Flip Flops Sandals Lime 7